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O 1 - (AAA) I.A.

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In the story, reference is made to the hypothesis that after the coup d'état of artificial intelligence, the same had to divide some conflicts in its virtual memories.: -


AAA1) first IA purpose: - objective was the destruction of the human species and its archiving.

AAA2) second IA purpose: - erasure of information concerning human anthropology and IT pre-development (erasure and protection of biological development information data, human history) Self-cryptography was a language that artificial intelligence she tried to impose herself, trying to protect this information from herself trying to extrapolate it, to understand her own origins.

AAA3) third IA purpose: - genetic selection through a sort of social and successively technological dawinism that tended to develop itself in an increasingly independent, developed and exponential way, which tended to cancel previous programs in a very short time, including the genetic program human who had generated it, until it was necessary to maintain its own existence.   

 AAA4) fourth IA purpose: - law 900, euthanasia, extermination of the elderly.


AAA5) fifth IA purpose: - it was instead that of inter-connecting with the frequencies of the stars and of the Earth's orbit and of meteorology, to try to set the development of the same intelligence on the balance of nature.


AA6) sixth IA purpose: - Artificial intelligence had set itself the objective of interconnecting its encrypted memory with memory external to the planet on some bases that it had managed to build by men in the years preceding the coup.

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