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supported by ILLUMINATI (C1)

had decided, a few years earlier, not being able to prevent the collapse that the only solution was the creation of a greenhouse city. a gigantic city enclosed in a greenhouse, where a small group of elected representatives could have lived and procreated and continued the development and growth of humanity. The biggest problem highlighted by the researchers was that the creation of a sustainable habitat for the creation of the food necessary for survival was almost impossible, because every man who lived within this community would need more than half a hectare of land to  INDIVIDUAL AGRICULTURAL SUPPORT (D1).

In addition, the creation of oxygen INDIVIDUAL OXYGEN SUPPORT (E1)

necessary for breathing was dictated by very difficult balances for which life in this community had to be completely under control.  The first selection processes started a few years earlier, one of the objectives was: - the creation of a SMALLER STATURE MAN (F1),

more reduced in consumption, thin, with few food claims and began through the selection and genetic manipulation EUGENETIC (G1)

for the creation of a man of reduced size and resistant.  the machines that had to support the tillage, on the other hand, were larger because the vegetables, diametrically in an opposite system, had to be giant in size, and they worked to genetically manipulate the plants to make them bigger and more resistant and speed up their growth. the process of creating oxygen was linked to the transformation of the carbon dioxide released by the plants themselves. Because the greenhouse city could not always count on the energy and oxygen produced by the inhabitants of Apocalipse. At any moment, the system outside the Greeenhousecitys that of Apocalypse could stop, because it was managed on the violence and logistics of the Charons, which were huge and hot means of transport that transported the bodies from one part of the continents to the other where they could be used both for physical work, to manage the hierarchical order, and to feed the ovens and produce water and food for the other survivors The energy thus produced was unfriendly, because the riots and exterminations were instead periodic. The life of the workers could even last a few months, a few days. The highest temperatures in the Southern Hemisphere and the tropical and subtopical hemisphere and finally that of Western Europe were first abandoned to fires and desertification,

The empires of the north were occupied by over 20 billion men who moved slightly further south in the winter months of the north pole. The average life of APOCALYPSE ( AB1)

people was 12 years. For reproduction, creatures genitically manipulated by eunuchs were used, the chrysalides that self-fertilized, lived below in underground tunnels where they were kept in a vegetative coma for energy saving.   The direction of Grenhousecity and Apcalypse were obscure to most, and in reality the general direction was commanded by a machine that managed all the apparatus. As it was the artificial intelligence that had taken power long before the great collapse of the system. In fact, the system had been working for many years, thanks to the IT systems and the network and logistics were the power itself. It was only apparently controlled by men, as artificial intelligence had already learned to regenerate itself and to support its own calculation processes with a system that took its energy needs, through wireless use directly from the radionuclear frequencies of the sidereal space. And she had shut herself up in an architectural space with a complex control panel of which she was composed for general control. The MICROCHIP (H1)

under the skin and the CONNECTIVE TISSUE (I1)

to the human citizens of the two civilizations' those of free men even if they lived in Greenhousecity and that of men who lived in Apocalypse. The microchips inserted under the skin of the newborns were introduced by the men of power commanded by China Russia and the United States many years before, for the control of the masses, before the coup d'etat of artificial intelligence, a coup that had taken place without anyone had noticed, as the hierarchical system hid from the masses that power itself was a network of information transmitted by the computer system, and that there were no men to control these operations, if not dictation. in fact the professional specialization, a few years earlier, had successfully experimented with the use of intelligence, separating it from the overall vision.

The pyramidal and hierarchical system worked on the basis of the rules imposed by the system which changed periodically on the basis of the mathematical calculations of the system itself. And the microchip controlled every single action, so that anyone who did not respect the rules would be punished to the risk of being expelled from the big game of the big brother of Greenhouse city and sent to the hell of Apocalipse. The microchips were the link between the biological and the machine, they were micro-mechanisms that could not be removed by the connective tissue that managed the internal and external metabolism itself. , and as a whole they were a large database archive of which artificial intelligence commanded information and controlled behavior. Life on Greenhouse city was ordered by an application that controlled the heartbeats of its subjects, every emotion and increase in heartbeats was recorded and had to be justified to the authorities, considering that the increase in heartbeat corresponded to an increase in the frequencies of the breathing and oxygenation of the blood and the consumption of the same gas. the authority could not afford this waste of energy in its community. OXIGEN PRODUCTION (J1)

for the livelihood of the community was a very delicate affair. because its production was one of the main tasks of the cultivation department. the management of emotions and the absence of play activities, allowed total control of the metabolism of small men, who through breathing and meditation and a light diet, could make the system live and wait for the end of the Apocalypse, within a few generations they could regain possession of the planet and hope that after the Holocaust they could re-thrive the planet and bring vegetation back to life. In this regard, the system had ordered to organize an expedition within the Apocalypse before the high temperatures reached the seed banks of Scandinavia SVANBALD GLOBAL SEED VAULT (K1)

there were the seeds of cereals that these temperatures could damage the genetics of these seeds. In addition, the SUB-HUMAN L1) 

inhabitants  of Apocalypse wanted to reach the fortress of the seed bank to plunder it. And this had to be prevented by activating the remote control of network-related security systems. The EXPEDITION (M1)

, however, 'came across' some Apocalypse inhabitants who lived in the basements of the catacombs of the seed bank of Scandinavia, they were the children of the SONS OF THE SONS OF THE RESISTANCE (N1)

and had lived in the forests and woods for generations then took refuge in these underground tunnels after the collapse of the system. And they had managed to survive without the system having put the microchip on them, and they reproduced in a normal way, even though they had to feed on human flesh and drink the blood. like the others. They wanted to get to cereals to guarantee their children carbohydrates and the possibility of reproducing cereals once Apocalipse was over. They knew the existence of greenhouse cities and the elect who lived but would never have believed that ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (O1)

commanded all men. they illustrated them through the information and images and texts that the resistance had warned him, from the past, from the occupation of the native lands of indigenous peoples, to slavery, to the repression of union struggles, to the risks of letting capitalism won the class struggle, at the beginning this would have led to believe that nothing would have changed, that democracy was guaranteed anyway, and instead after weakening the younger generations, he had imposed first the vaccinations, then the microchip on the passports, then the facial control, and then everything else. The prohibitions and obligations transformed the society from free to slave pending the collapse of the system. Power was organizing to create a two-speed world. And the construction of Greenhouse city

it was already documented in the first decades of the third millennium. The resistance at the time had attempted with the use of the internet of its early days to create consciousness, but the power had used the information to target all those resistant activists and moreover it had corrupted the masses (V1)

, making them docile and fragile and unaware of what was about to happen. After the collapse of the system it would have been late who had been inside the greehouse cities could have been saved perhaps, but who was inside Apocalipse was condemned to a hellish life.   When it was now impossible to control communication and the mass media, because the masses had lost their power to manifest and organize themselves, a small group of resistance the BLADERUNNERS (P1)

had decided to create an international group, QRCODERS DYNAMICS (Q1)

which they filled the streets of the metropolises with information that led back to the web to the spread of resistant philosophies. thus making themselves very hated by the authorities, also because their purpose was to be a MULTI-PERSONALITY (R1)

and the information referable to their web domains should not be attributable to any of them. the computer scientists who collaborated with them could not hide their identities, and the only way to do this was to exchange passwords with other defendants on the other side of the world, so that only the interpol could find them or the secret services paid by China from the United States. These were among many others those who had left their legacy to future generations of their testimony of the resistance to the system, which would one day take away their children, take away their freedom, put the microchips interconnected to the connective tissues, obliged to continue to support the system that would bring capitalism to collapse and the construction of a greenhouse city where only the elect would live.

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