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the “crown virus” and the social control

big data & I.A.  propaganda and informatic

The need to control human metabolism through microchips had to be implemented by the world government, with the super vision of the united states, which had to monitor the reactions of the population, especially in Europe and an experimental city had been chosen to observe on a statistical and psychological level the attitudes of the population to propaganda, repression and control of the territory.

The law for the insertion of the microchip under the skin, had to be imposed together with a deeper form of absolute social control, and justified by the extreme conditions of the emergency and the safeguarding of public health.

In this regard, a certain amount of viruses (H1A) , generically called "crown viruses", had been released, not exactly in the center of the city but in its smaller neighboring cities, in a territory that is generally controllable, to observe the reactions of the population their isolation and control by the military, which had forbidden their removal from the hearth of the epidemic.

China had already been able to count on total control of information, and the gimmick seems to have worked, as a system of absolute control of the population, forced to undergo a curfew, and to restrictions on personal liberties, Chinese cities had the unfortunate opportunity to remain deserted and their people to remain locked up in their homes.

The virus was believed to have been created in the laboratory precisely to act on people who are already old and sick, to be able to get rid of them, first of all, without being accused of wanting to exterminate them, at first instance. But the second aspect was more important, obliging citizens to absolute control, and preparing them for the forced insertion of microchips under the skin in order to monitor each individual citizen from the risk of the pandemic and thus prevent the development and spread of the disease.

The disease could affect about 60% of humanity in a short time, but this was only the initial phase of the project, as China had 'already', a short time before, experimented with an exercise where a biological attack was expected.

The next phase would have needed the substantial possibility of having an antidote to the disease, fast effective and 100% safe.
Not so much to put it on the pharmaceutical market, as to keep it secret from the masses, and to use the disease as an extermination system to reduce the world population drastically and quickly and painlessly.

The system provided for some phases of progressive experimentation, limited to some territories, where it could be hoped that the phenomena would remain limited. So as to be able to maintain a certain semblance of normalcy, necessary both to not create a condition of absolute panic, and to allow the elite; to continue their existence without the risk of riots or mass protests that could jeopardize their habits and the facade for good that the companies had always had to show.

Martial law and the insertion of the microchip moved in the same direction, and the world government was trembling because this happened in the shortest possible time and that all this was painless, the risk of the pandemic due to a dangerous virus was the best way for citizens to accept, in spite of themselves, this inevitable anthropological revolution.

Once implemented, the law would have obliged all citizens of the world to have a microchip inserted and connected with connective tissues, precisely because this would have allowed to check the metabolism of each citizen, and to verify through a data base, every single aspect of provenance and health status of each individual citizen. with a fast and perfect system, as only applied computer science could be ..

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