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A man completely identical to myself, from my colorful family, decided to leave one day.  That same day, by a strange coincidence, as he flew along the mountains, in the high skies of the Indian ocean and Saudi Arabia, a large shadow appeared which completely darkened the sun. it would have been the last great millennium exclamation in which he found himself, called the year 1999. He considered this strange coincidence that brought him to the Indies, in the city of Bombay, symbolic. The same trip had been given to him by a person for whom he dealt with immense trumpe l'oeil matters built for the entertainment and cultural industries, who hid his own hypocrisy of materialism and made the carousel of capitalism turn. He lived that man identical to myself, in the mountains the springs and the thermal baths, among the conifers and subtropical trees, between the metropolis bathed in humidity and sweat, to those of the Himal snowflakes. of the Indian cities of Pune, New Delhy, between the times of Khajuraho, and the sources of zurfurea water of Himachal pradesh and among the various local magicians from whom I learn 'some secrets of existence.  His return to western matter was somewhat frightening because the hateful and selfish gaze of the western people scared him almost, on his return, the wickedness of the people of the west appeared to him, now evident, transparent and as never seen before. his journey. He decided to read a few books in a large collection of books, to better understand the past millennium and its meaning, two in particular were the characters he wanted to know in the year following 1999, the absolute evil of my battle and the theory of non-violence. Of those two terrible and diametrically opposed authors. Adolf Hitler "the evil"  and Mahatma Gandhy "the great soul". Of the matter and the spirit he later wrote a thought that he considered fundamental, it remained for a short time on electronic memory on an ordering machine, but subsequently the hard disk was lost and never found again. and the memory became distant as a loved one in the past.

the one written in the year following 1999, however, wanted to be remembered, and for 20 years he had kept, partially, his memory within himself. the writing told of a society of the future. where for delicate issues of control of oxygen and other factors, absolute control in the greenhouse cities of the survivors had been introduced. the greenhouse cities. I will now try to remember, your majesty, that time will never let me finish telling you this story too, and as I remember, I will speak to you, you will listen and your scribe will write, and at least we would be more one of those who know it and maybe who will come will one day be able to read it and treasure it, which will help to understand what it was like then in the year following 1999.

The Power, themselves, had believed and made people of the whole world believe in those years called modernity, that progress was the result of man's opportunity to free himself from the avoidance of agricultural civilization, so much so that this possibility ', in the early years, seemed to have actually created a development especially to demonstrate that colonialism, and the destruction of archaic and primordial civilizations, was not only the exploitation of the territory and its natural resources indiscriminately, but that it also made sense in acquiring the improvement of the quality of life, its length, and the possibility of increasing care, the ability to travel, the logistics of goods, and the rapid transport of information, and the spread of free thought. All of this was actually true until the day that climatologists with their comparative studies showed that the planet was moving towards its inevitable warming, it was in fact small and it was inevitable that global overpopulation, deforestation, and development of the metropolises, and the end of this process was likely to be a collapse. At the end of the trial, the comparative studies were put into a large computer called algortmic which invariably said that humanity had only ten years to prevent this collapse. After that the seas would have heated up to such an extent that the beings that lived in them would die, the rivers would devastate the villages, the glaciers would melt, and the water supply would no longer be sufficient. The forests would begin to burn and trigger a chain process obscuring the sky, the temperatures would have been so high as not to allow a decent life on earth, so as to have to call hell this world and oblige man to ask questions about the existence of the gods and their prophets.The planet thus became an immense APOCALIPSE, where men lived in torture and massacre, where for survival it was necessary to kill and feed on the flesh and blood of others

Various hierarchies were created and commanded from the top of an institution in a large building, the exterminations of the masses and their reduction into slavery were commanded. At best, the luckiest ones lived in the "Land of Remors" from where it all began and everything would end. They had all poured out into the north of the world to the land of the end. Fin land. There seemed to be still a possibility of oxygen and water at the last minute, except that from the four continents everyone came hungry towards the pole and indiscriminate clashes began. The palace managed the bodies to produce food and select the water of those same bodies to be distributed to the masses, who had to work in these ( AGF) gigantic forges where everything was burned, oil, gas, coal, human and animal remains of all that it produces heat with which it was possible to turn mechanisms for the production of oxygen and water for the more fortunate. and for the sustenance of the greenhouse city where the elect lived.

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