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Today the planet, a part other vision and  division, we will speak in the future, are split in moralist and anti-moralist or we can olso say old familiar traditional moralist and a new no-moralist 


 The old traditional  moralist is well rapresent from the “religious” moderated , from the Est and Sud, because extremist cant be considerated moralist, because ther is no “real” moral in “force people” violence and destruction,war, kill, terrorism and intollerance. For the thory of Ghandy our weapon against the Oppressor is no-violence mass movement, like we will be no-violent whit the oppression of the “capitalist and the materialization” we will be a no-violent mass movement against the “integralism and intollerance”.


and  in the same way the anti-moralist  are well rappresented from the “extreme ateist” from the west and Nord, the Nord-west nazional-socialist democrazy, because moderated can be “real” ateist and anti-moralist because they have ideales, culture of antropological studies , native indian, aboriginals, indios original  spirituality coscensness, and indian joga and buddist knollege, no-violence metod, not collaborated metod, anti-militarism, anti-neclearism…and epistemological and etical studies. tollerance and “Dreams” about  “real” democracy, socialism, sindacated,  because our weapon against the Oppressor is no-violence mass movement, like we will be no-violent whit the oppression of the “capitalist and the materialization” we will be a no-violent mass movement against the integralism and intollerance.


So this is  the one I call “one morality, two revolution”,


 is the inevitable compromise and sintesis betuine people belive in God and people don’t belive in God.

Because no one will  convince the other whit the strument of “violence”.


 Because otherways the risk is to start a world conflict or the “War of civilization” inside every nations,and one nation against the other, and many nations will split in two part the integralist religiuos or socialist idealist in one side  and in the democratic, nazional-socialist capitalist in the other side. And the risk is too start a real world war. So is inevitable we need to open a serius discution about the necessity of  analisis what is Materialism and what is spirituality in the modern world.

And How the fact “spiritualism” is necessar for make the humanity survive after two undren years of “materialism” I will star to considerated it is born whit “industrial revolutions”and after 500 years of colonization territory, and after towsen years about used the territory and the natur and develope system,  for dominated popolations for the  human interest and “materialization”of another popolation.


“One morality, two revolution” is the compenetration one society inside the other, whit tollerance and brotherhood, if we don’t want to destroy the planet is necessar the marriage betuine occident and orient for  “growing” our child “the future of humanity”, we will call the “occident the mother the material, the ground” and the “orient the father the spiritual the sky”….but all this generalization, and division in groups is just a “system” to make a simple understand. In reality we can change rules in any time and in any way, if you want, we can also say the “father is the occident the material the wather” and the “mother is the orient the spiritual the light”…for example, or the “father is the seeds” “the mother the wather”…I invite you to created your Matematical ot linguistic simbol…


.. But now we will say the “occident is the mother” the “orient is the father” the “Gold” is the child, the tecnology is the past ….the agriculture  is the future.. “Ther is  no future whit out past”  “their no past whit out future” because “the future was here yesterday”, and “the the past will be here tomorrow”.


The society of “Religious” Country try by “repression” of natural istinct on “emancipation” of the woman, to control the natural attitude of everybody to be indipendent and selfish. And whit this moral they difende the family, from the old “Tora” the old books from jewish, Eve accept the temptetion from  Satan and he corrupt Adam and the planet in this way, this “apple” is the fruit of the nord-west Europe, is the simbol of the computer, and is the simbol of New York,  this why human keep the woman under the man control for towsen years, and this is way the capitalist country have free womans and “Religious country have “repress”woman.


Infact the wester country by don’t belive in “Religious” give this natural istinct on “emancipation” to the woman and the man, and now they are lost, don’t control anymore, the natural istinct of everybody to be dipendent and under control.And whit this no-moral they don’t difende the family.from a new teory from every wester and new oriental country, the teory say:- God not existe, so there is no any moral and tempetion, but just desire, freedom, sex, money and fun, “no future”, “no past” just “here and now”, but one day when samebody will read this words I will be also here and now, but olso samewhere else and befoure or after, in the same time, because The “true” is everywhere and in everytime.


The resoult is in the Integral “religiuos” same woman complain about they have no  freedom, because, whit or whit out “illusorial”reason, , they take the wester woman us example, in extrame case, they not alound to study, to drive, to dress a light closed, to listen any music, to drink in a bar a chai, when woman pretent their right to govern their life and their children, the tribunal punish them, because they know to reforme so “antique and moralist costume” meaning coming a modern democrazy like the west going to “spiritual society to sexual society” directly. Is evidently. “religious” nation they cant accept one day to the other, the society going to “repressive” to “emancipated”. Because their two different project in the society one is to “survive” one is “self-distruction”one is to lived in the name of God rules, another to destroy in the name of “Babilon”, but all two society have this attitude inside to “survive and destroy”we cant just say the nord-west is Satan the sud-est is God. Like we cant just say Material is Satan and spiritual is God because we need the material like we need  the spiritual, so ther is God inside the material and Satan inside the Spiritual.When a good man whit out any “religious” help a bed “religious” man . who is the one near to God?


in the west, sametime, the woman have to much freedom, they can arrive to make porno movie during the pregnency,child prostitution, and they can currupt polical leaders, and  they  make children and they “pretend” the children  have no father.They want to control the sentiment of the real father, they hurt the child for their egoism, they pretend to use the father just for economical reason, if they have a problem whit the father ,they pretend to give another father to their child, if the father complain or the child complain because is natural they want to stay together she use the child for feel powerfull. And this go in on to offen, specialy in the Nord Europe, less a society is “religious” or is false religiuos like “cristian protestant” more the family are destroy,because “Family and Spirituality” are joint like “Egoism and materialism”. When the father ask for their right to  govern their child life, the tribunal punish them, because the state have the interest to keep children under control of the woman, the ground. the material, whit this “material control” whit out the “spiritual control”, they garanty the perpetration of the “materialization”. Praticaly the Nord-west governament have the interest on have split family, and conflict, like they have interest on nation conflict, and split nations, because in this way they can sell their weapons, make war, tribunal, lowyers, when  the family are together the manager their economical life, when the family are split the “familiar tribunal” organize the life of their children, because the next step of the “industrial develope “ is too onering the seeds of human been in the same way when they split nation, U.N. control the politic and the economical life because the next step of the “industrial develope is too onering the seeds of take children from parents and land from agriculture to onering our future.


Is evidently when we speak about “democrazy” and “reforme “ in “Religious” country, they have no any intention to coming like the nord-wester country. And when we speak about “moderation and moral” in the western country,  nobody have any intention to coming like a “teocratic” country.


One Morality,Two revolution  is the obiective to learn one from the other, to make a “positive” influence …more freedom in Orient, more morality in Occident, more social equality in all world, free children whit father and mother, and free seeds for parents and agriculture.


For demostrate the tollerance and the deep desire in coming closed and “friendly” in all Europe, in Italy, in Swiss, in Spain, in France in America the Governament have to start to built Mosche for Muslim for have a nice Temple where they can pray in Europe and in America…

In the same way the Cristian, the jewish, and the indu, the buddist, must be autorized to built their Temple in Egipht,Siria, Marocco,Iran,and in all Islamic country….


When boot community the mother and the father of the future of Humanity  will be ready to built other religion temple in their nation “man will be old and half to coming back child”…


probably we are near to  a new world war…or a “civil world war”..or will continuos this “cold spiritual war” and in the next future will start the self destruction of the planet, the social conflict will start to be more hurd, and will coming a protest in all world for food and right and the governament have to start to kill all human will be in protest, will be million people move one continent to an oder, like politologist say allready 50-60 years a go ,the responsable is the “Develope Model”.the “Develope Model and New and Old Economy is the same think”


Is allready to late because the system is allready broken, the economical crises is “the materialization   crises, is a filosofical and teological crises. Because is evidently the revolution is coming because the “nazional-socialist democratic” want to make many Nation more pour to be more rich, and they used “religious” “industrial” “agriculture”  and “procreations” system to control people lived whit “morality” for make in the other side people can lived whit no-morality and sexual scandals. This conflict is the positive and the negative near to tuch for make like in italian we say “ corto-circuito”.



This is the point the humanity, man and woman, have to surrender by open thair heart and coming in “love” whit the “true” :


  1. Stop immediately,integralism, intollerance, extremism, force people to coming cristian musslim, or indu. Stop to Destroy other religious temple, stop to limitated freedom to pray other religious, limitated womans rights, human right, children right,limitated ong organizations, human right organizations, democratic organizations, unicef, doctor whit out fronters, amnesty international,  freedom on speak, or political organizations, stop to have slave, inferior class, casta,war, religious war, market of weapons, ipocricy, falsity, corruptions, dream to colonizated all planet whit Economical or political or religious or “race” weapon.

  2. Stop to think children don’t need mother and father, the mother family and the father family, to force chidren to coming integralist, or razist, nationalist, or extreme materialist, or extreme spiritualist,  or spoiled, or false, to teach them to hate, intollerance, integralism, anti-semitism, to force on sexual life, to give food from animal growing  whit ormons for make they have a sexual develope us soon is possible, to make their think the father is not important or the mother, intentional don’t give a knollege about the  other nationality of the children, by don’t teach the language of the foregner parent, by force them to identificate just in one culture ,one nation,or one family.

  3. Stop Destroy the planet, the forest, the river, the animals, by continuos to teach to the humanity God not exist so we can be just materialist, or God lived just inside  the Temple, God is olso  inside the natur, the wather, the air, the trees, the birds, if we hurt our world, we hurt our God…. And God is the humanity and his opportunity to survive.

  4. For “One moral two revolution” we need “strong and resistent”tecnology and internet, and tecnology and internet, are material develope, the simbol for this is a “apple” coming from Occident and Occident  is the “mother the material” and we must respect the mother if the mother will respect the “father the spiritual” if the Mother want respect have to move away from nation, whit militar, economical and cultural  control, have to stop make pression whit  “Nazional-socialist democracy”  used welfare like a sistem for take from one  nation to give to another  nation. and by push about “globalization” we don’t want coming Nazional-socialist, and we “have “ to  control “materialism”when is so important for the future of  the the same way for “one moral Two revolutions” we need natur and agriculture, natur and agriculture , are a spiritual develope, the simbol for this is “kamut” coming from Orient and “Orient is the father the spiritual” and we must respect the father if the father will respect the “mother the material the ground” because the seed need a ground like the ground need the seed. if the Father want respect have to give up whit integralism, intollerance, dream to colonized the wester world, because we don’t want coming all “Integralist Religiuos ”   we “have” to control  the “Spirituality” when is so important for the future of  the planet, spirituality is everywhere, and is in any “religious” like “materialism” is everywhere and in any “politic”.this spirituality and materialism  is educated our children, in love and tollerance rules, to much rain will destroy our “kamut” to less will olso destroy our “kamut”….we need the balance. The “kamut” is our gold, is the father and is the child, because is the seed and his the plant, like the apple is the mother and the doghter because is  the fruit and is the seed and they   will growing  when the ice of nord-west  and the fire on the sud-est will joint in the right quantity… 







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